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Special offer mega £399 for limited time only.

MINI Full coverage of the guests and bridal party arriving at the church.The entire marriage service.Scenes outside the church after the service and the bride and groom, bridal  and guests leaving for the reception.                                                      £499
MIDI All services listed in ‘Mini’. Plus scenes from the park or gardens.The official guest greeting,and the cutting of the wedding cake.                               £599
MEGA All services listed in “Midi”Plus coverage of the speeches,messages and best wishes from friends and family,                                                                                                                                                           the bride and grooms first dance and the next 2 dances.                                                                                                  £699(Special offer for limited time £499 including 3 DVDs,Mega Service)

Megaplus  All services in Mega with 2 camera operators throughout the day.  £995.



Wedding Video Glasgow Highlights

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The services listed include a DVD with full motion menu and chapters, opening and closing titles, and music of your choice.

Please note that the filming of the  marriage service itself is usually at the discretion of the person conducting the service, and thererfore we advise that you ask their permission for its filming before booking.

Additional DVDs for friends and relatives can be ordered, at £15 each.

The services listed above cover most events, but we can be flexible.

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Neil Brown, Videotone, 34 Walker Court, Partick,Scotland, G11 6QP.

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Wedding video Motherwell.

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We do not charge for travel within a fifty mile radius of Glasgow for your wedding video.Weddings are too important to be left to amateurs to film,and involve about 4 days work to film and edit properly.We film in a documentary style to capture all the action from your day.We arrive 1 hour before the wedding service starts, to set up and get exterior shots of the wedding venue.At the park or gardens it would be great for the finished film if we could have 10 minutes of the bride and groom walking,talking etc for the camera.This is for the highlights section at the end of the wedding DVD.We are always looking for new ideas to improve our films.The messages  from the guests are proving very popular.

Filmed in Clydebank two weeks ago quite cold.Everything went well,took ages to get the sound right at the editing stage,learned a new way of mixing 2 soundtracks which should be handy for the future.

Wedding video in falkirk last week,had filmed the grooms brothers wedding 2 years ago,same church and hotel and a lot of the same guests,the bridal car was really cool.Went to the brides grans house to get the photographs taken because  it had a nice big garden,will look good on the finished film.

Editing wedding video Hamilton,quite hard work,very long,had to put it on 2 wedding dvds,got good image from film for disc face pictures.Music went well with pictures from the event.Band were very loud had to lower levels for finished job.Top table had microphones for speeches so sound very good.Bride handed out favours,they looked like peppermints.

Wedding video in East Kilbride,good weather,large old church,with lots of flowers,bride arrived in horse and kart.Loads of guests at service and more at reception for dancing.Park was great background for outdoor filming.Got good highlights for dvd.

Filmed a wedding dvd in Dumbarton.It was quite cold and the church service lasted an hour.the speeches were very very long.The band took ages to set up and play the first dance.It was great fun from start to finish.The vintage cars looked good in the final film and the bride and groom were nice enough.Had roast chicken and chips which was great.

Being a wedding videographer in Scotland is very challenging as a shoot last week proved,the weather wasnt good and had to park miles away from church,which meant a lot of carrying, walking, and parking meter charges but I am not complaining,no not at all indeedy not.Had to take the filming that would have normally been done at the park or gardens in the church,the minister was very helpfull.The speeches were before the meal and went well and were nice and quick.The dancing started good and early.

Made a wedding video in Glasgow today the bride looked great,the bridal cars were on time and it stayed dry for the gardens.The photographer was a good laugh,hotel small but very well organised. Dj got everyone up dancing early on which was good for the film.Everything went well.

Filmed wedding video in G12,weather not very good but film turned out ok,band were really good,it was a humanist service,which is a bit different for a wedding dvd in glasgow.Being a videographer is very interesting and challenging.

Wedding video in St.Peters and the Grosvener,weather cold but rain stayed off so ok.Bride a wee bit late,but quite a short marriage service.Light fading at park,but stayed just bright enough.Speeches before the meal and short,brides father really funny.Had steak and chips absolutely brilliant,big steak and loads of well cooked first class chips and plenty tomato sauce supplied, not the stupid sachets.Band got set up and going really quickly,all in all  it was a good day.

wedding video Dumbarton

wedding video Clydebank

Wedding video Glasgow